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Tray Makeover with Paper and Mod Podge

We’re having some lovely friends over tomorrow evening for some delicious food and wine, and plenty of laughs I suspect.  

What does that mean for me? Cleaning my house and finding creative ways to procrastinate from cleaning my house.  Let me show you one of them…

 This is a tray that we’ve had for a while.  Looks pretty…well pretty, right?

This is the before…kind of sad and beat up.  I have been eying new trays, and talking myself out of them because I knew I could fix this one up.  Or because I’m cheap.  Or both.

 Everything I needed for this refurbish, I had on hand.  Great paper, square paper punch, and Mod Podge. Check.

Yes, I’m one of those crazy people who finds it extremely relaxing to brush on Mod Podge and place little squares of paper all over a tray.  Beats doing the dishes, yes?  Yes.

 After my squares were in place, I mixed some mahogany stain with black acrylic paint and touched up most of the little scratches and dings around the outside.

It is company ready, and so am I.  Well, almost.


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