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Twine makes a glass bottle fabulous

I must be making quite the impression on people.  Yes, it’s true that I have a collection of various glass jars and bottles in my possession.  But what does it mean when a great friend of yours actually hangs onto a cool glass bottle because they just know you can do something with it?

I think it means that she totally understands my affliction love of recycling.  I’ll show you the after first, because that’s how we do things here…

I’m convinced there isn’t anything that an image from The Graphics Fairy can’t improve!  One of my favorite things to make with her images is a gift tag.  But first, here’s that glass bottle…

I can understand completely why she held onto it for me–it’s excellent!  I tried to remove the logo, but it appeared to be baked on and wasn’t going anywhere.  Enter…twine.  

I used a quick dry tacky glue at the bottom, and then wound twine most of the way up.  I left a bit of glass showing at the top.  

 When I made the tag, the process went quickly and I didn’t take pictures.  I printed the image and cut it out.  I colored around the outside edges with brown marker.  

For the background of the tag, I used a stamp and a light brown ink pad.  I blotted it on a scrap piece of paper first, so the stamp would be light.  I wanted it to have a watermark effect. 

The photo corners were in my stash–got to love the stash!  I used a strip of washi tape and a muslin flower that I made a while ago.  

To finish this lovely, I mixed some raffia, twine and gold fiber for the top.  Thanks again Karen…

A reader below asked me why they couldn’t see the bottle.  Ask and you shall receive!

There…all better!

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