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Upcycled CD Mobile {Day and Night}

  Holy Schmoly! I don’t even want to look at the last date that I posted on my poor neglected blog.  So I won’t if that’s okay with you…

I love to upcycle.  My spell check is telling me that upcycle isn’t even a real word, but I think we should vote it in.  Who’s with me?  I am somewhat obsessed with old CD’s/DVD’s and what the hell to do with them when we don’t need them anymore.  Here’s something…

And the flip side…

 Both the sun and moon images are from The Graphics Fairy.  

 I painted an old CD with acrylic paint-specifically Martha Stewart’s line.  I knew for sure that her paint would work on the CD material. After using Mod Podge to adhere the pictures, I added some sparkle with glue and glitter.

I punched a hole through the top with my Crop -A- Dile. Yes, I found yet another form of matter that that thing will punch through…I should make a list.

She is hanging (or should I say they are?) in my craft space very happily from the ceiling spinning slowly in the breeze.

A much better alternative to the garbage, yes?


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