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Upcycled Flower Pot–Second Edition

  And an update! Plant one–for whom I fancied up her digs here, is alive and dare I say…thriving!  Must be the pretty new home.  

During the holidays, I received another plant, a cactus, as a gift. 

Is it me, or do cactus have a reputation of being the “tough guys” of the plant world.  It’s me, huh?  My cactus has been okay, but was in need of a bigger spot…

 I had already printed these vintage numbers and letters from The Graphics Fairy onto white tissue paper.  I was just waiting for the right project.

 I just took a plain Terra-cotta flower pot and painted it with white gesso. Two coats did the trick.

 I trimmed my tissue paper as closely as possible.

I brushed on some Mod Podge and carefully smoothed it from the center out to the edges.

Back to the sill she goes.  Remember her neighbor to the left?  

The fact that I am writing about my plants as if they were human either means 

a. I am turning around my reputation as a plant murderer, or

b. I need to go back to work.

What do you think?

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