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Upcycled Pet Food Containers

Today, my doggie was confused.  I know…what’s different about today?  Hee hee.

Smokey (said doggie) and Cosmo (my lovebird) have had their food stored in large recycled tubs.  This is what I did to them today to add some love and humor…Not the animals…the tubs.

Does this mean I can eat now?

These were made by cutting two 7 1/2 inch circles from black card stock on my Silhouette (break’s over Rocco!).  Easiest circles I ever cut in my life, by the way.  Before I go on, here’s what they started out like…

People, you’re killing me here!

 After I cut out the circles, I cut my phrases out of a sage color vinyl, and transferred them to the card stock.  I Mod Podged them to the lids and sealed the tops of them as well.

Also, we did finally feed the dog…

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