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Upcycled Tin with a Musical Theme

  I haven’t counted the number of Brag Mondays that I have participated in.  But I know the number is pretty big. Whatever else is going on in my life, I can always find something inspiring on Karen’s site (The Graphics Fairy).

One of the many things I love about her blog, is finding images that remind me of a friend.  Like this one…

We have a wonderful friend who is a very talented Violist, Violinist, and Conductor.  Every time I  see this image, I think of how he would get a kick out of this advertisement.  The prices on instruments were phenomenal, weren’t they?

It started with this tin canister that held licorice.  I soaked the label off with some Goo Gone, and cleaned it up.

Better already–nothing like a fresh canvas! I printed my image out and carefully Mod Podged it onto the container.  My original thought was to cover the top, but then I realized I wouldn’t be able to see what was inside.

I was shopping through my embellishments, and nothing I saw there seemed to fit with my project.  Then it hit me…musical notes! I downloaded some images from Google and cut them out of black vinyl on my Silhouette.

Don’t you love when a project comes together?  Thanks for the inspiration my friend.

Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy

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