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Vintage Laundry Canvas Trio

  Look, we can’t escape it.  It piles up, and multiplies as days go by.  It has to be folded, and should be put away properly (as least that’s what my people are telling me).  

It’s a terrible, never-ending chore, and as my my nine year old once dramatically exclaimed, “I’ll be doing laundry until my death!”

He’s right, so we might as well make it look as pretty as possible.

 This is the door leading to my dungeon basement. The one where all of the piles are.  All three of these lovely images are from the The Graphics Fairy.

I have used this technique before here, and knew I would be printing these out onto tissue paper and Mod Podging them to canvases.

Here they are, already printed onto tissue paper.  Should I spare you the slightly scary story about the tissue paper jamming my printer on the third picture?  It has a happy ending…

I applied a coat of Mod Podge to the canvas, and carefully smoothed out the paper from the center out.  I love the starkness of the the black and white.  Before I hung them in place, I rubbed a little black StazOn along the edges.

Break’s over…back to it.

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