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What’s in my bag?

Now I am stepping way out of my comfort zone for this post! My friend Roo from Nice Girl Notes had this fun idea for us to show and share what was in our bags that we carry every day. 

Here’s my stuff!

Yes, I even numbered everything…

1. My wallet…I thought I would love the snap clutch style, but I carry too much crap stuff in there.  I never “love” any of my wallets.

2. Coupon organizer…Just in case. I can guarantee that seventy percent of what’s in there is expired.

3. My Vera Bradley wristlet…I like her stuff, but for inside my big bag. I can’t commit to a pattern for everyday out-in-the-open use.

4. Keys…Moving on.

5. Cell phone…I heart texting.

6. Moisturizer…I am picky, this is the one I love.

7. iPod Touch and cozy (that I sewed, yes I’m bragging a little)…What did I ever do without this thing? It’s one of my favorite things. Ever.

8. Ibuprofen…I have three kids…moving on. 9. Eye drops…I wear contact lenses. 10. Tissues…I have three kids… 11. Sunglasses. 12. Pens, and lip gloss…I just didn’t number them separately. 13. Batteries…for my camera.  They’ve been there so long I don’t know if they are good or bad. 14. Mints… 15. Mirror… 16. Hand Santitizer…I work in a preschool…Enough said. 17. Tiny compostition notebook…why isn’t it decorated for crying out loud?

So there it is.  I’d like to thank Roo for giving me the motivation to clean out and organize my bag today. I am looking forward to seeing what is in everyone elses bag at her blog!


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