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What’s up Monday?

And now for a post that doesn’t have anything to do with a holiday! It does have something to do with The Graphics Fairy though. 

We needed a little sign at work regarding a temporary plumbing issue.  We could have made a quick sign with crayons and construction paper…but then I got the brilliant idea to make something at home. Not that I have anything against crayons and construction paper mind you!

Karen from The Graphics Fairy, has a wonderful image of a washing pitcher and basin that is perfection for a bathroom.

I used a raw piece of chip board and some Melody Ross paper.  I printed the image and gave it coat of clear acrylic spray.  I cut it out with my little sharp scissors and exacto. Vellum tape was used to stick it to a piece of white vellum, and I trimmed around it with decorative scissors.

I painted the edges of the chip board, and punched the corners of the black patterned paper with a pretty corner punch.  I only Mod Podged the back of the paper because there was flocking detail on the front.

I added a touch of black Fun Flock to a couple of places on the pitcher, and eyelets.  My plan is to put a temporary sign on vellum paper and attach it to the eyelets until the issue is resolved.  Pretty and practical-why not?

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