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Where does she find this stuff?

Happy Sunday to you!  I have been trying to take it easy (a little) this weekend, as I am on cold number two for the season already. 

I have been dying to show you this stuff called Flower Soft.  Have you ever heard of it? It’s fantastic stuff, and comes in a gazillion colors.  Okay not really, but it seems like it!  I finally got some in Autumn colors and found an image from The Graphics Fairy to use it on.

Aren’t these trees the best? I printed them on vellum paper.  Hang on, don’t panic. Yes, putting vellum paper through an ink jet printer can be risky.  The ink isn’t dry when it comes through, and it can smear.  Want to know my trick? 

I take my clear embossing powder and shake it all over the wet image right after it prints.  Then, I hit it with the heat gun.

Now you have a nice embossed shiny image.  Cool, right?  I had some round chip board, and Mod Podged (can we just go ahead and offically make that a verb?) dark brown card stock to it.

Yawn, right?  I cut out the trees and tried using Mod Podge to glue it down.  Did you know that Mod Podge plus vellum equals curly paper that is out of control?  Yup, it’s true.  It was a near fail folks…

I got it under control, because I am a human being and it is…paper.  Vellum tape and Diamond Glaze to the rescue.  After these suckers trees were stuck, I needed to add my leaves.

Flower Soft are particles that are packed into a jar. They add dimension to many projects.  You have to take some of it out and “fluff” it before you use it.  I used some clear tacky glue to dot around my branches, and then sprinkled the Flower Soft on.

When that was done, I put Mod Podge all over the brown paper in a thick uneven coat.  When it was dry, I painted some One Step Crackle over the Mod Podged areas. 

I used some some timber brown StazOn ink on a damp paper towel to rub onto the paper when the crackle finish was dry. 

I used some black cord to make a hanger, and used the brown ink to make the vellum blend in better with the brown card stock.  Thanks for joining me while I play “mad scientist” with all my little ingredients!

I’m going to make like a tree and branch out to these great places…

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