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Wow, and thanks!

Hi friends! I am happy to say that I am doing another giveaway for CSN Stores.  It is for $35.  It’s perfect timing too, because I just reached 300 followers on GFC!  Yay!  Perhaps I should have put a disclaimer at the beginning of this post about a large quantity of exclamation points!

I digress…Here’s my spiel!

There is a lot of buzz out there about CSN Stores, and with good reason.  They have over 200 sites, and those sites offer a gazillion things from a cook set to a bookcase headboard.  Like how I did that?  It’s a gift.

Let’s make it super simple to enter…if you already follow me, thanks so much— I love that!  Let me know in the comment section please.  If you don’t follow, I’d be thrilled if you would join the “company!”  Then, let me know that you did.

This giveaway will be open until Friday, October 8 at midnight. I will announce the winner on Saturday.

Thanks again everyone, I really do appreciate you!


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